Registration & Hotel reservation


The registration fee for the 5 days of conference is 600 eur (22% VAT is included). It covers access to the conference venue, all meals included in the conference program and social events.

Single or selected multiple-day registration fees are also possible: a) Single-day registration is 150 eur; b) Two-day registration fee is 300 eur; c) Three-day registration fee is 450 eur;  d) Four-day registration fee is 550 eur ( 22% VAT included). If you opt for this, make sure you also mark the day(s) you will be attending the conference.

Bank transfers have to be made by Friday, June 19th, 2015 and addressed to:

ADDRESS:                       UNIVERZA V LJUBLJANI

                                           MEDICINSKA FAKULTETA

                                            VRAZOV TRG 2, 1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA



IBAN OR BIC CODE:      SI56011006030708380

SWIFT CODE:                BSLJSI2X

TAX NUMBER:               SI44752385



  • with REFERENCE:        250-324-15    (meaning ECF2015 registration charges), and please make sure to write down your name and full contact details too!
  • Apart the confirmation of payment you receive from your bank at the time of money transfer, you will be also receiving an official bill  by REGULAR POSTAL SERVICE , which will be issued by the Finance office of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. Therefore PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL the organizers in regard to this unless you do not receive the bill after several weeks , as it takes about 1 week for the money transfer to be processed and a few more weeks for the bills to be prepared and posted.



Hotel reservation

There are a number of private B&Bs in Postojna and surrounding area (then you may also need a car), as well as a Youth Hostel in the center of Postojna, however in this case you need to contact the owners directly (details can be found on the web).

For the ECF 2015 meeting participants we have reserved two hotels in Postojna, Hotel Sport (in the city centre) and Hotel Epicenter (15 min walk from the conference venue). As the total number of rooms is limited and the majority are double bed ones, we strongly encourage you to opt for double occupancy and share the room  with a colleague.

Please note, single use rooms are reserved for principal investigators. Also, there are 20 rooms strictly intended for double occupancy by PhD students and younger postdocs. Therefore, in case of the latter, please indicate in the hotel reservation form if you have a roommate preference  (a colleague also attending the meeting). If you need a roommate but do not specify any, we will match you with a roommate based on your gender and age group, which you are also kindly asked to indicate in the form.

We negotiated a discounted price for the ECF2015 conference delegates:

Single use room (bed and breakfast):   52 eur per night    

Double use room (bed and breakfast): 32 eur per person, per night

To book a room, please fill out  the hotel reservation form and email it to Ms. Irena Stegel (, with as subject “ECF2015”.